Massimo Carrera: «We fell one goal short of victory»
Head coach of Spartak summed up the results of match with Ufa (0:0).
Massimo Carrera: «We fell one goal short of victory»

— Which of Ufa’s ballers would you mark out after today’s match?

— I think all ballers of the host team performed well in this match. They were good at defense and besides, they forechecked us by their two front men. My congratulations to our adversary.

— What was the reason for replacing Glushakov by Timofeyev in the first eleven?

— It was Denis’ physical state. Three games in a week – it’s quite a lot. This is why I gave him time to rest.

— Spartak performed quite a number of dangerous attacks today. What did you fall short of? 

— A goal. It was a good game. We stood on head. We practically didn't let Ufa do what they wanted to do. We had scoring chances, but failed to score. This is usually the case when the final score is 0:0. Besides, we were slow when starting our attacks - and our rivals had enough time to occupy the right place on the ground.

— Was Glushakov the only one who had problems with physical state? It looked like Kombarov wasn’t strong enough to stand up through the whole match. 

— Probably. Additionally, if a baller is tired a synthetic field compounds his task furthermore, it doesn’t let him demonstrate the required level. 

— You mean the synthetic field barred Spartak from success?

— I mean that it is more difficult to play on the synthetic field than on the grass – that’s all. But speaking of today’s result – the field has nothing to do with it. 

— Why didn’t Luiz Adriano play today? You decided to take care of him?

— He has a muscle fatigue after the match with Dinamo. I decided not to put him at risk. 

— Tigiyev entered the field in the second time today. How would you qualify his play? 

— He might have made several mistakes. But it is always challenging to join the game at the very end. I’d rather put it like this – generally speaking, he met the challenge as well as the rest of the team. 

— Could you fancy such a final score as 0:0?

— No, I didn’t expect such a score. From the very beginning we always play to win. But with such a team as Ufa it was not so easy to achieve victory. 

Date: 23 july 2017, 20:38
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