Six achievements and two heroic deeds of Fedun. Spartak’s owner turned 62
Six achievements and two heroic deeds of Fedun. Spartak’s owner turned 62

Today the owner of the red-and-white club is celebrating his birthday. Before that the team congratulated him by winning a match in Samara. SE would like to remind the fans about Fedun’s main football achievements.

Leonid Fedun became the owner of Spartak in 2003. As they say, the fish rots from the head down, but it wasn’t as simple with Spartak. For many years people have been discussing Fedun’s competency in football business, as well as the inconsistencies in hiring and firing the coaches. However, the positive direction was evident compared to the condition of the red-and-white club in 2003. Soon the fan community started forgetting about the times of Ognusania, Essien Flo and Stanic like it was a bad dream.

Fedun concentrated on returning former Spartak members, starting from Shavlo, Cherchesov, Karpin, Rodionov who got administrative posts and finishing with Tikhonov, Dasaev, Pyatnitskiy, Bushmanov, Melyoshin, Beschastnykh, Alenichev, Titov and many others who got various positions. Some of them left and some of them stayed with the club until present time.


Fedun heavily invested in the club’s academy and turned into a powerful structure. First of all it is true for the infrastructure: a real Spartak town with everything that was needed was built in Sokolniki. The results of Academy’s work are quite ambiguous since there were so many graduates that they now make up about one third of all players of the Premier League, the FNL and other leagues. However, Spartak’s first team still doesn’t really have many graduates and many people have been voicing their doubts about Spartak-2.

For many years all efforts of Fedun did not produce the needed results: there were no trophies and it seemed that the owner of the red-and-white club was close to becoming completely desperate. The worst thing at that time was the fact that Spartak kept finishing the seasons on the second place. They took the silver prizes with different mood. The first time was in 2005 with Starkov and it felt like it was a new beginning after several years of turmoil and disorder. The next one that happened with Fedotov, when the team gained the same number of points that the champions (CSKA) gained felt like a failure. The fan community associated Cherchesov’s result in 2077 with bad luck. They said that Karpin’s result in 2009 was connected with some conspiracy and Bystrov’s transfer. As for the third time when the team took the second place that happened after the long season of 2011/12 — it looked like a lucky coincidence that was caused by the mistakes of the opponents.


Ambitions and traditions demanded more, but all these medals look like a good collection, taking into account that Zenit became a grand team, CSKA gained amazing stability, Rubin and Anzhi demonstrated great results, Lokomotiv showed decent performance and Dynamo got some great opportunities.

Quincy Promes’ transfer became the beginning of a big step forward. This Dutch player was not extremely famous, so nobody would have guessed that he was about to become the main star of the Russian championship. Fedun oversaw many successful transfers: Vidic, Pletikosa, Wellington, Alex, Movsisyan, Emenike… Many of those players left a bright impression; even Bystrov did, despite the doubts. However, Promes was the one who became a symbol of real step forward and future great victories.

In some sense this was an accident: the team lost to AEK, it led to Dmitry Alenichev’s resignation and undermined the negotiations to Kurban Berdyev. Without all these situations there would be no golden history, but in the end it happened!

– Let me tell you about some internal secrets — the reason why Carrera was fired. I keep hearing things like “an accident”, “Jack in the box” and so on... – said Fedun last year during his interview to SE in May. – Several years ago I had a really serious negotiation with Antonio Conte. He was ready to lead Spartak. We discussed the coaching staff, that’s when I heard Carrera’s name. When we understood that Alenichev’s coaching staff was not going to make it we made a decision to try to improve it. That’s why we invited Pilipchuk and Carrera who was known as a good defense specialist. As a businessman who has to look at least two steps forward I understood that Massimo would theoretically be able to show great performance if anything happened. I knew him as a very ambitious man who studied with one of the best coaches in the world. All in all, I considered him as suitable option from the very start.


In the Soviet years, during the 90-s and the beginning of new millennia the situation with Spartak’s stadium was limited by promises and demagogy. Fedun, who invested millions into building the stadium on the former Tushino airfield, was able to etch his name into Spartak’s history. They may say that he started investing in this project because of the residential block that was built by his companies nearby, but the final result is what matters. This result was amazing indeed: Spartak’s attendance record is growing compared to the full picture that we see in our country, the season tickets are sold like hot pies and this summer the matches of the World Cup will be held at this arena.

The fact that the achievements of the previous year were hard fought and well deserved for Fedun is true. All these steps haven’t led to success immediately, but they kept accumulating positive energy. When all the factors united even the evilest critics had to admit that Fedun was indeed a man who was able to achieve great success.
Date: 5 april 2018, 00:01
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