Aleksey Lunin: It was a productive season
Spartak Moscow youth squad head coach gives his opinion on the game against Dinamo (0:1) and talks about the team's plans.
Aleksey Lunin: It was a productive season
— Today we saw an equal game. We had moments to score as well as our opposition. Dinamo was luckier. Especially at the end of the game when we created more moment for the goal but at the end missed. Our squad really wanted to win but unfortunately wasn't concentrated in defence. At the same time I want to point out that Spartak Moscow gave its everything on the pitch. The substitutions were mostly caused by the fact that some players couldn't stay in the game.

— What can you say about the season in general?

— It was very productive and it benefited all the players for sure. We just thanked the players for it in the locker room. Youth squad had many impressive games this season including UEFA Youth League.

— What about the preparations for the new season?

— The players go on holidays starting tomorrow until the June 10. Some of them are having school exams, by the way. All the footballers got their individual plans to prepare them for the start of preparation season fully ready. The team will return to trainings in Sokolniki and at the end of July they will head out to China to take part in the international tournament.
Date: 11 may 2018, 17:53
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