Quincy Promes: I am a killer whilst playing
Spartak Moscow all time best striker amongst legionnaires gives an interview to our press-office.
Quincy Promes: I am a killer whilst playing
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Tarasovka. Sunny morning. All Spartak Moscow players have already finished the training and gone off the pitch. The only ones left were Quincy Promes and Sofianne Hanni. They organized a tennis ball match together with coach Attila MalfattiPromes and Malfatti played and Hanni became a referee for this game. The fight lasted for more than half an hour until the referee fixed a draw in two games.

— Today we ended up with 1:1. Each won a game but the real fight is yet to come. We'll have the key match soon. By the way, Attila plays great. As a footballer I cannot accept the defeat from the coach. Malfatti tries to prove he is a master. The next game must be exciting.

— Was the game fair as the referee was your friend Sofiane Hanni?
— Don't you worry! It was all within the rules. Let's go inside, it's too hot in here.

We went into the press centre in Tarasovka where Quincy continued:

— As for Sofiane, we immediately became friends when he came to Spartak Moscow. He played in Belgium, it is quite close to the Netherlands, so we have a lot to talk about. Moreover, our wives became friends now as well.

— It is important to mention your understanding on the pitch. The goal two of you created against Rostov was amazing.
— That's true. It is great that Sofiane and myself understand each other. This wasn't a pre-created combination. It was a spontaneous moment. Hanni did an amazing pass, just the exact one I was expecting for.


— After the game against Rostov you were awarded with a Gladiator statuette. You looked so happy as if it was your first personal award ever…
— I am always happy in such the moments. I appreciate each award. I know how much work was done to receive it. Yes, I am happy as if it is my first career award.

— You have a big collection of personal awards…
— Yes, I keep all the awards in my office at home. There is a small museum there. I have a room where I work in front of the computer, so I can see all my awards. The most important ones are the golden medal from last season and the Golden ball which I was awarded with as the best player of the year. I also collect the gifts from the fans. For example, I have matrioshka with my face on it.

— How did you get it?
— The fans posted a video on social media of how they coloured it. I did a repost. After that, I got a message that they would be happy to give it to me. They took matrioshka to one of the games, so I could get this unusual gift.

— Matrioshka and Promes — this is an interesting combination…
— Everyone knows that I am Antosha (pronounces in Russian). I love Russia. This country is my second home. Look, I got a new tattoo, this is a gladiator. I did it in Spartak Moscow honour.

— In the game against Amkar you went onto the pitch for the first time as a captain.
— It is great to become a captain. This is a huge responsibility but I was ready for it. I demonstrated the leadership before. Now when it is all official and I wear the captain band, it feels great. Although, I felt myself as a captain even without it. I have always motivated the team not being the captain.

— You motivate the fans as well. Do you remember the moment when after the away game against Lokomotiv you gave your shirt to a boy from the stand?
— I saw him and I couldn't pass by. A small boy held a banner and I thought it was his dream to get my shirt. I was happy to make him happy. It didn't take much from me but for him it might have been the turning point. This is very important.


— This season was quite different for the team…
— Now we are on the second place in the tournament. If we finish the season with silver medals, it will be not bad. Of course, this wouldn't be a champion title, but we can go directly into the Champions League group stage which is very important. We will be happy. We learn from our mistakes. Next season we must perform better.

— You looked empty after the Cup game against Tosno…
— I was disappointed. We were so close to the finale. I don't even want to talk about it. I didn't sleep that night.

— Have you read the press about yourself lately? 'Promes doesn't show the game we expect from him…'
— This is rubbish. For me it is all clear that this is rubbish. I never follow what people say, especially the ones who know nothing about football. If they say that I was good and then I become not so good for them, maybe they talk and think too much about me, you know. I have played for Spartak Moscow for four years already and I keep my level here.

— You are the all time best striker amongst legionnaires in Spartak Moscow.
— This is an enormous achievement for me. I still can't believe this. I am not even a forward, I am a left midfielder. I am very glad to lead and I am proud of that. If the people say that I am not as good as I was, probably they judge by the moments when I don't score. Often they are the same people who said I was the best if I scored. The fans await miracles from me in each game. I understand that. The work isn't easy. I try to do my best for the success and not to listen to others. People who say that I am not the same as I was never truly supported me. They only wait that I won't score to say that I am not that good. The ones who followed Spartak Moscow that time know that the whole team wasn't that good. If we don't win, the whole team doesn't win, not someone special.

— You are confident though.
— Always, as I know what I can do. I know how much work I put in it and what I am capable of. Thanks to the fans who support me. The others are better to look at my statistics. I keep working. I don't pay attention to haters.


— Your special feature is to celebrate the goals with the 'mask'. How did this idea come to you?
— This was an old idea honestly. The 'mask' is my alter-ego. When I score, I show it. It is because when I play I feel myself a different person, a person with the mask on. Promes on the pitch and Promes in real life are two different people. I wear mask when I am on the pitch but I took it off when I am not.

— Who's mask do you put on?
— I don't care about anything on the pitch you know. I desire one thing — to win the game. I become more aggressive. I am not like this in real life as I am a killer whilst playing. I score, assist and don't let the opposition to win. I am ready to fight. Outside the pitch I am a chilled person, funny and smiley.

— The mask became your personal brand now, didn't it?
— Yes. This is a cool concept. Everyone likes it including kids. That is why I will produce clothes under this brand soon. The design is created by myself. I love fashion, so it is easy for me to find stylish combinations, right colours and shapes. There is going to be an online shop for Russia. I am currently into it.

— Now it is clear what the mask means for you. What is the philosophy of this concept for others, the ones who don't play on the pitch?
— Look, for example you. You are working now so you have a mask on at the moment.

— Hmm…
— You are concentrated as you need to ask questions. You are a whole different person when you aren't working. Do you understand? This is your mask. It is the same for everyone. Mask means that you are ready to show the best of yourself. This is an opportunity to be the champion version of yourself.


— What about your singing career? Should we wait for the new singles?
— I will always create music as it relaxes me. I do have rest like this. I just adore music.

— It is hard to translate the song you recorded with Memphis Depay. What is it about?
— It was a freestyle about life, mask and everything. Just our thoughts. It was funny so we have recorded a video. We just enjoy doing something like this.

— It looks like proper music video though.
— Proper music video? It was an ordinary day. We just had some fun. Young boys just enjoyed their lives, so we recorded a video. Nothing special. Maybe for our fans it is something but for us — an ordinary one. Maybe we will record something else whilst being away. Of course, we don't plan anything as we are mostly important footballers. But if we have some time to relax, why not?

— What does your father say about your music talent?
— He loves it. He accepts me the way I am, so he is happy that I do what I love. By the way, he is currently in Moscow. He always supports me.

— Which game this season has impressed him the most?
— It is hard to say. Might be the game against Anzhi as I scored three goals and set a record for the fastest hat-trick in RFPL. Generally my father enjoys all my performances and he is happy when we win.

— Do you want to add to your personal awards the title of the best striker of 2017/18? You are competing against Smolov.
— Smolov plays really well. I do as well. This is great. Fyodor is a great footballer. It would be nice to score one or two goals against Dinamo but most importantly to win this game. I want to help the team. If I become the best striker, I think everyone will be happy. For me this season is a bad luck as I wanted to win the Champion title with the team. As for my personal performances, everyone could see that I had a great period but after the winter break I needed time to go back to my level. I am alright at the moment. I think I showed good performances this season. I have 15 goals and 7 assists this season, so I think statistics speaks for itself. I hope that I will score my best goal against Dinamo.

— The last game this season is getting closer. What do you want to say to the fans?
— Thank you for your support throughout the season. You were incredible and showed a fantastic support. Unfortunately we didn't become champions. But I believe you have enjoyed the performances of the team and myself. We keep fighting. I hope to see you on the stands next season.
Date: 12 may 2018, 13:25
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