Artem Rebrov: “This award belongs to the entire team!”
Our goalkeeper got a prestigious award “Gentleman of the Year”
Artem Rebrov: “This award belongs to the entire team!”

On Monday in the capital hotel Hilton Garden Inn Moscow Krasnoselskaya took place the 24th official awards ceremony “Gentleman of the Year” promoted by Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.



In different times this award was given to such Spartak players as Fyodor Cherenkov (1994; now it is named after him), Andrey Tikhonov (1996), Dmitry Alenichev (1997), Egor Titov (2000), Andrey Dikan (2012) and Denis Glushakov (2013).


In 2017 the popular vote, which took place on Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper website, and the vote of the experts, were won by Artem Rebrov, the goalkeeper of the red-and-white.


On Friday legendary Spartak players Anzor Kavazashvili and Evgeny Lovchev handed out the honorary award to the Spartak goalkeeper. Besides this, the event organizers awarded our goalkeeper a traditional dinner jacket and a friendly caricature.


-          A lot of people asked me about the value of this award, - said Rebrov. – If true, I am at a loss to answer. But having seen how many great people came to the ceremony I understood that this is a really important award. It is a little bit unusual for me to be here without my team. This year we have won two trophies. And I am used to get all the prizes together with my partners. Today they are not present on the stage, but I can surely state that this award belongs to them as well. This is the merit of the entire staff. I sincerely hope we are going to have a lot of joint victories.



The holder of the “Gentleman of the Year” award should be the leader of the team, and besides this, should be gentle to the opponents, referees, spectators and journalists. To a greater extent, these qualities are inherent by our goalkeeper, and this fact was noted by a lot of honorary guests. By Evgeny Lovchev, in particular.


-          This is not my first time to hand out the award in this nomination, - said Evgeny Serafimovich. – And every time I think: what has a man done to be recognized a gentleman of the year? Not so long ago, before the match of the national team of Russia against Argentine, I was phoned by Artem Rebrov who asked: “Serafimovich, will you be able to come? We are going to have a charitable event; we will collect money to treat a child…” This is enough to award Rebrov as the Gentleman of the year and even the Gentlemen of the entire life…




It should also be added that on Friday Komsomolskaya Pravda has awarded FC Spartak as the best club, following the results of the past season among all the Premier League Moscow teams, based on the results of the games between them.


It should also be noted that the awarding ceremony was attended by Nail Izmaylov, the Deputy Chairman of FC Spartak-Moskva Board of Directors, Sergey Rodionov, the Chairman of our club and by Mikhail Vartapetov, the Head of the Medical Department of the red-and-white.

Date: 12 december 2017, 01:53
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