Artеm Rebrov: “Selikhov is the discovery of the year”
Spartak goalkeeper, who has lost his regular starting spot after the injury, does not place his personal interests ahead of the team ones – this is what he said during the interview for Sport Express right after the “Gentleman of the Year” awards ceremony.
Artеm Rebrov: “Selikhov is the discovery of the year”

The award which was given to Rebrov by Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper is often given to goalkeepers. Artеm is the fifth goalkeeper-laureate.

-          It is very pleasant to take the award from Evgeny Lovchev and Anzor Kavazashvili, our great footballers, - said Rebrov. – I understand that this is an important award and I am happy to have it.

-           Is this your first dinner jacket?


-          Yes, it is. If I am not mistaken, it remains with me. It will help me in my activity!


-          How do you evaluate yourself in this season?


The main value is the team’s result. It is difficult to evaluate myself. Spartak won two trophies. And this award is a pleasant bonus.



– Are there many gentlemen in modern football?


– Of course, there are. They have always been, are and will always be. Despite any changes in football and the entire world.


– Whom can you call the main gentleman on the field? Of the current players.


– My teammates, first of all. There are a lot of boys, I will not enumerate all of them. Spartak is always decent on the field. I can also name all my colleagues-goalkeepers.


– The last week of the football year was mad for Spartak: 0:7 followed by 3:0. Is the glass half full or empty?



– The finishing touch is important. If CSKA was followed by Liverpool I would have said that everything is bad. But now it is all right, we have finished on an optimistic note. Though we owe our fans. Next year we will have a lot of possibilities to fill this glass.



-          How did you celebrate the victory in the derby?


-          Quietly. Of course, it is a great event for us and our fans. It is a good termination of the calendar year, but we did not have any feasts. I knew that Monday was going to be a difficult day for me.



– 0:7 in Liverpool, is it a shame or a mischance?


– Neither of these. Shame is a stigma given to you if you have done some vile and nasty things. In football there is always a possibility to improve the situation in the next match. And the boys took advantage of it.



– It is inevitable that seven balls for Selikhov are a personal slap. How did you support him?


– I tried not to focus attention on this. I said that it was a good check and experience. I have assured him that during the next match everything would be all right.  



-          In the UEFA Europa League Spartak will perform against Athletic from Bilbao. What can you say about this team?


– If true, now we think more about vacations. To have a good rest. Athletic is a good opponent. We will play in Spain. It is a good thing that not in England! I think that everything is all right. We will have some rest and will get ready.


– In general, what is your attitude towards the UEFA Europa League? Does it bring out similar emotions as the UEFA Champions League?

– Our fans want one thing; they want Spartak to be always on top. And it does not matter what tournament it is. So, there is no difference. Of course, we wanted to enter the UEFA Champions League play-off, but the UEFA Europa League is not worse.


– What did you experience being injured during the home match against Liverpool? What were you thinking about leaving the field?


– I had one wish for our team not to lose. Otherwise the injury would be useless. Luckily we got some points.



– Did you feel that it was one of the main matches in terms of passion and emotions?


– If true, I did not. There were matches with greater intensity.


– Do you agree that during one year Spartak has experienced more than during the last ten years?


– That’s surely so! We had not won for a long time, but during the last year we got the silverware, and the Super Cup, and in general had a successful performance in the UEFA Champions League, except for the last match.

– The circumstances are that before you were number one, but now you are a reserve player. What do you feel about this position?


– Any sportsman does not feel comfortable not performing. But there are personal ambitions, and there is a team. And I am ready to forget about my interests for the good of the team. Anyway there is competence which never does harm. We are going to have holidays followed by get together… Everything is in our hands.


– What is the difference between the today’s Spartak and the one which won the gold? Are there any differences?


– I think that things are always more obvious to those on the sidelines. Though we have started the championship unsuccessfully, now we have recovered. We have become stronger than at the end of the last season. The last five matches have proved this; we were acting more confident even against leaders.

– Who is the discovery of the year for you?


– Selikhov. He has stepped up a lot. Speaking about other clubs, Lunyov has proved himself in a good way.


– What is the main happiness of the year?


– Championship, of course.


– What was the main disappointment?



– There wasn’t any.


– Can Massimo Carrera still surprise you with anything?


– I think he will have enough time to demonstrate his hidden reserves!



– What is the best match of Spartak this year?


– There were a lot of good matches. But the first thing that comes to my mind is the home devastating match against Seville.


– What can you wish to Spartak fans?


– To have a good celebration of the New Year. And I wish us to make our fans happier getting more cups.

Date: 15 december 2017, 03:30
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