How young Spartak member replaced Neymar in the national team of Brazil
He showed good performance. Lopatin scored one goal after Mokhbaliev’s assist and another one after Firmino’s pass.
How young Spartak member replaced Neymar in the national team of Brazil

Yesterday the national team of Brazil, which is going to play a test match against the national team of Russia this Friday, had their first training session on the field near Otkrytie Arena. The penta-champions did not arrive with full line-up, so they had to look for several players to participate in two-sided training in Moscow.

Five players of Spartak’s youth team were chosen: Daniil Petrunin, Maksim Kalachevskiy, Turgai Mokhbaliev, Maksim Sazonov and Daniil Lopatin. The latter player, Daniil Lopatin, who scored two goals during the training match, shared his impressions with Championat.

— Why were you chosen? 
— To tell you the truth, I don’t even know. The manager of the team came to us and said that we were going to join the training session of the national team of Brazil. Of course, at first I thought that it was some prank. I only believed it after I saw an official letter from the RFU. I really could not believe that this was possible.

— Did you have to wait for Brazilian team? 
— We arrived there in advance, so we had to wait for about 40 minutes. After that some Brazilians did stretching exercises in the gym, while the others went straight to the field. They asked us to join them after that.

— Have you joined the warm-up circle of Brazilians because you were lucky? 
— No, Fernandinho said that they needed one player, so I ran to them at once. I wanted to see the way they train, and in addition there was Firmino in that circle! I thought that they were not going to let me play, but in the end I spent almost the same time in the center as the others. Of course, their level of technique is out of this world. I also noted the way they finish their attacks: almost every attempt ends with a goal.

— What did you think about the level of Firmino and Coutinho when you watched Spartak’s games against FC Liverpool? 
— We watched both games from the tribunes and I thought back then that it was unbelievable. This training session confirmed that their level is extremely high. I think that Coutinho is really worth 106 million. Firmino scored one goal by doing a scissor kick and the other one with his heel. I could not even dream about training with them a week ago.

— Did Fernandinho translate everything for you during the training session? 
— Yes, his Russian is pretty good. Of course, he has an accent though. When we started playing I asked him about what to do, how to move and he explained everything. Gave me instructions of some sort.

— Didn’t Tite do it? 
— No, he only said hello and thanked us in the end. He did not have any special instructions for us.

— Do you mean that you were not supposed to fulfill Neymar’s tasks, even though you were on his position? 
— It would not be possible for me to replace Neymar. I think that if he was there, it would be even more impressive. Nobody from the Brazilian team scolded me, they only kept encouraging me.

— Did you meet the expectations? 
— Yes, I scored two times. The first one was after Mokhbaliev’s assist and the next one after Firmino’s pass, so I think that I did well.

— Are Spartak’s Brazilian players like their countrymen from the national team? 
— I have not trained with them, I only talked to them on the plane. Our Brazilian players seem to be more joyful than the members of the national team — those are too serious. I thought that we were going to listen to music while we train, but we did not. We were able to have some fun only before the training session started.

— Have you risen to fame overnight? 
— Yes, many people started following me on Instagram after this training session, liking my posts, writing me messages. I guess it was an advertisement of some sort.

— How did the training session end? 
— The coach thanked us through Fernandinho, who translated his words. Then we shook hands with all the members of the team and went to the locker room.

Date: 20 march 2018, 22:30
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