Petrunin: scoring during derbies is better than training with Fernandinho
The national team of Brazil, which is going to participate in a test match against the national team of Russia, had an unusual training session on one of the fields of Otkrytie Arena.
Petrunin: scoring during derbies is better than training with Fernandinho

Since the penta-champions came to Moscow without several players, they had to find someone to participate in their two-sided game. Spartak Moscow helped the national team of Brazil. Five players of the youth team of the red-and-white club — Daniil Lopatin, Maksim Sazonov, Maksim Kalachevskiy, Turgai Mokhbaliev and Daniil Petrunin — took part in the training game.


Match TV’s correspondent talked to Daniil Petrunin about that training game, Fernandinho’s accent and Luiz Adriano’s chances to join the national team.

– What was the coolest message you got during the last two days?
– There were a lot of them, but the message was almost the same: ‘Guys, you were so lucky to get this opportunity to train with stars’. 

– Do you think that you deserved this luck?
– I think that it is pure coincidence. Brazilians decided to ask Spartak and Spartak decided to help them.

– They announced that the players were going to be summoned several days before that.
– I spent this whole week in anticipation, because I wanted to join the training session, to see how they work, to see those famous players.

– Which players in particular?
– Firmino, Willian, Fernandiho, Jesus…

– What about the defenders? You are a central defender after all.
– Thiago Silva. But he wasn’t in Russia at the time because of a couple of days off he got after the games against PSG. There was only one main defender — Alex Sandro, who works on the side more often.

– By the way, about the side players. Luiz Adriano said: ‘Kombarov is better in defence that Marcelo’. Do you think that Adriano is better than any member of the national team of Brazil?
– I think that our player would not be worse than Gabi Jesus. Adriano has good technique, so he is not worse than the forward of ‘City’ in my opinion.

– Casemiro admitted that he does not think that any of the members of Russian team stand out. Do you think that there were any mediocre players among the national team of Brazil?
– No, it was the opposite! There was one guy, I don’t know if he is a defender or a holding midfielder. I don’t really know much about him as a player too — he is a member of Brazilian league. He is a real bonebreaker with low level of technique; he always tackles you in the legs.

– Don’t you remember his last name?
– I told you — it was the first time I saw him! There were no surnames on the bibs.

– What do you think about Fernandinho’s accent?
– His Russian is great! 

– Does it feel like he is from some region of Russia?
– I think it sounds like he is from the southern part of our country.

– Sazonov scored a beautiful goal with the ball bouncing back from the crossbar against Henderson from ‘City’. Lopatin scored two goals during the training game. Does it make you feel that Miranchuk will score a goal through the goal post and that Smolov will achieve a hat trick?
– I think that our players should show good performance. Of course, Brazilians are favorites, but our team should at least hold them at bay at our stadium!

– Lopatin was the one who noticed that the members of Brazilian team were all too serious. Do you think that if they stay in Russia for a couple of months, they will learn how to relax and will start violating the regimen?
– Noooo, I think these guys are experienced, so they will not let their guard down.

– There is a trend towards inviting naturalized players. Our national team has Guilherme, Mario Fernandes, soon they will get Ari. What if they offer you a Brazilian passport and a chance to play in such a great national team — will you agree?
– I am ready to train with them, but I do not want to change my passport.

– What feels better: training with the national team of Brazil or scoring goals during the derby with CSKA, even if it is a match of youth teams?
– I think that scoring during derbies is better!

Date: 22 march 2018, 15:30
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