‘Do you want to compare Carrera with a driver?’ Spartak is saving our football
Luiz Adriano, Rebrov, Yeshchenko, Dzhikiya and Trakhtenberg brought positive feelings back to Russia.
‘Do you want to compare Carrera with a driver?’ Spartak is saving our football

After the horrible (from the score to the behavior of the players) game of the national teams of Russia and Brazil the audience needed some positive emotions. Spartak was there to help again. The club held an unusual press conference at Otkrytie Arena: the questions came from the youngest football fans. This story is rather simple. Before the season begins, the parents of young fans buy a special service package that costs 2 thousand rubles. Apart from other privileges it includes a 75% discount for their children’s tickets. If the kids visited enough games, they get an opportunity to ask their favorite players any questions, like ‘What does Yeshchenko, who came from Siberia, think about pelmeni?’

— I like eating them, — Andrey laughs. – But I haven’t learned how to make them yet.

All in all, the answers of Andrey and his teammates were great. We cannot show the full atmosphere through text, so we highly recommend you to watch the video.

Here are the funniest questions and answers.

Yeshchenko is Hulk, Dzhikiya is Spiderman, Rebrov is Superman

Children: Which superheroes do you pretend to be when you play football? 
 You can easily understand everything about Adriano: he has Mickey Mouse printed on his uniform. 
Adriano: No. When I exit to the field, I look up to football celebrities — Romario and Luis Ronaldo. 
Yeshchenko: I’d love to be Hulk to make all my opponents bounce back from me. Well, they bounce back anyway. 
Rebrov: As a keeper I’d love to be Superman to fly around the field. 
Dzhikiya: I’d like to be Spiderman, because I’m a defender: I would hold on tight to all the players.

Carrera is a mouse, a godfather and a sparrow

Children: Which characters of cartoons look like Spartak’s head coach in your opinion? 
 He is like father. 
Trakhtenberg: Father?! So Massimo Carrera is Luis Adriano’s second dad. It’s like a real Brazilian soap opera! 
Adriano: There is a Brazilian cartoon, I don’t remember its name. One of the characters is a sparrow who is a teacher. I think that our coach is like this sparrow. 
Trakhtenberg, surprised: But is this sparrow smart? It would be… 
Adriano: He is the smartest one, a teacher, a professor. 
Rebrov: Does it have to be a cartoon character? I’d choose Al Pachino, the Godfather, from the movie. 
Yeshchenko: I don’t know about cartoons… 
Trakhtenberg: You don’t watch cartoons. 
Yeshchenko: My kid watches cartoons, but they are about trucks. 
Trakhtenberg: Do you want to compare him with KAMAZ driver? 
Yeshchenko: No. I think it should be a mouse from Tom and Jerry. It’s my favorite cartoon. 
Trakhtenberg: A mouse? 
Yeshchenko: Yes, because he always wins. 
Trakhtenberg: It’s good that you explained that or you could jeopardize your participation in the match against Tosno. 
Yeshchenko: Yes, I might have gotten a suspension. 
Dzhikiya: I don’t remember the name of the professor from X –men, the bald one, maybe somebody knows? 
A voice from the audience: Xavier. 
Dzhikiya: Yes. I will say that it’s Xavier, because he has his own superheroes like Carrera has us.

Rebrov doesn’t let Yeshchenko kiss goal posts        

Children: There is a tradition in our family: when Spartak wins, we bring flowers to our mom. Do you have any traditions? 
 When I score a goal, I dedicate it to my little girl and kiss a tattoo on my leg. I also call my dad and ask him what he thinks about my performance. 
Rebrov: We are all like little kids for our parents, even though we are all adult men. When I play during cold weather, my mom keeps worrying about me being cold: ‘Artyomka, did you wear wool socks?’ I answer: ‘Mom, but this way I won’t be able to put my football shoes on’ 
Yeshchenko: What traditions do you mean? I do not score. Well, I have some rituals like praying or crossing myself to avoid injuries. I also kiss the grass and take some of it with me. 
Trakhtenberg: Do you do it to grow it? 
Yeshchenko: Well no, but the grass is great. The tribunes behind the goal were also blessed. 
Rebrov: Just don’t start kissing goal posts. 
Yeshchenko: I won’t, but you all should visit this tribune — you will avoid being sick this way. 
Trakhtenberg: Well, if we let Dzhikiya speak about his superstitions, we won’t be able to finish until the game against Tosno starts. 
Dzhikiya: Well, I will choose not to say anything then! Thank you everyone! (The audience laughs.)

‘Which book did Yeshchenko read?’                     

During the conference Artyom Rebrov makes a ‘substitution’: he goes to sit with the audience and sends one of the boys to the tribunes.

Rebrov: My question is for Yeshchenko. What was the latest book you read? What do you think about Theodore Dreiser’s oeuvre? 
Yeshchenko: Let the kid answer. 
Rebrov: He took my place and you are the one to answer the questions. 
Yeshchenko: Of course I don’t know the person you named (the audience laughs). As for the latest book I read — it was about me. Its title was ‘Andrey Yeshchenko’
Dzhikiya: (just makes a facepalm).

Gifts for Dzhikiya

Children: What do people usually give you as gifts? 
 I already mentioned it once. I brought a kid to the field during one of the matches of the Champions League and he gave me a coin and a piece of paper with the words ‘Georgy Dzhikiya, you are the best defender’. I was so happy. 
Yeshchenko: The best gift I received in my life were my kids. 
Rebrov: I agree with this, it’s the same for me.

The football players received presents after this bit. A very young boy Nikita gave them hockey pucks with their names.

Dzhikiya: Nikita, were you the one to send me the video with you playing hockey? Are you the number 14 player? I was very happy to watch it, thank you. 
Trakhtenberg: Georgy, have you played hockey? 
Dzhikiya: I tried once, but I lost my balance and that’s how it ended.

Adriano will ask Carrera to win the Champions League

Children: Imagine the situation when Massimo Carrera turned into Khottabych and made your wishes come true in the beginning of each training session. What would you ask?
 To cancel the training session. 
Dzhikiya: No, to play more football during it. 
Yeshchenko:  It’d say ‘Coach, please let me play every time’. 
Rebrov: I’d ask him for the opportunity to see a new champion cup in Spartak museum every year. 
Trakhtenberg: Then you better ask for two cups — one for the championship or the Russian cup and another one for the Super Cup. 
Rebrov: It’s not interesting to get all three of them. 
Adriano: I’d ask him to help Spartak win the Champions League at least once.

After that Rebrov pulled on Adriano’s beard.

They just want to bring back their childhood

Many dialogs were not aimed at receiving some certain answers. Boys and girls just wished the players good health and gave them gifts. The funniest one was given to Luiz Adriano. One girl tried so hard while coloring his portrait, that his lips looked bright red. Adriano laughed and it seemed that he was filled with joy.

The last question of the day was asked by a boy who was crying in his mother’s embrace — he waited for too long to be able to ask his question.

Trakhtenberg: Don’t cry, it’s your turn to ask the question.

Boy: If you had a time machine — where would you go? 
Yeshchenko and Dzhikiya:
 to May 7, 2017, the day when we became champions.

They both promised to have tattoos if Spartak receives the fifth star.

Rebrov: I’d love to return to my childhood, the time when I was so carefree. 

Adriano: That’s right. We were absolutely happy when we were kids.

The audience applauded for a long time.

Date: 25 march 2018, 02:00
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