Massimo Carrera: ‘Will Amkar play with ‘Loko’ in Moscow? The situation is odd’
Spartak’s head coach Massimo Carrera gave an interview to SE.
Massimo Carrera: ‘Will Amkar play with ‘Loko’ in Moscow? The situation is odd’

This Wednesday Spartak’s midfielder Jano Ananidze injured his cruciate ligaments during the match of the national team of Georgia. This Sunday it turned out that his teammate, Roman Zobnin, who is also a midfielder, injured his meniscus. The former will not be able to play for half a year, the terms of recovery of the latter are yet to be announced. We asked the head coach of the champions of Russia to give his comments about this situation and about other current issues of the red-and-white club.

– Both Ananidze and Zobnin hurt their knees. Why did it happen?
– Unfortunately, you cannot control such situations. Both Roman and Jano were in perfect physical condition. Zobnin always had play time, and Ananidze was ready to play against Lithuania after recovering from his recent injury. Of course his condition did not allow him to stay on the field for 90 minutes, but I have to repeat myself — he was ready for the match.

– Is there a risk for Zobnin to miss the World Cup of 2018?
– I do not know yet. We need to assess the severity of his injury to discuss any certain terms.

– You watched the game of Russia against Brazil in Luzhniki. What do you think about the performance of Spartak players: Zobnin, Glushakov, Kutepov and Samedov?
– Your national team played with a solid opponent. I am content with the guys’ performance.

– What is the situation with Ze Luis? When will this forward be able to return?
– Ze already started training again, so we will see how he reacts on it. He will be ready to play if he stops feeling pain.
– Amkar will play with your main rival — FC Lokomotiv — in Moscow. What do you think about it?
– This situation is odd and unusual. I do not know anything about the problems with the field in Perm, where Amkar always played. I think that it would be better to organize a match at a neutral stadium. Lokomotiv gets an advantage by playing an away match at home, since it means that this team will play five of the eight last rounds at their home arena.

Date: 26 march 2018, 02:30
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