Promes’ hat trick, Kutepov’s goal… Spartak used imagination to defeat Anzhi
Promes’ hat trick, Kutepov’s goal… Spartak used imagination to defeat Anzhi

About a half an hour before the match against Anzhi was about to start Spartak members must have learned that Lokomotiv won the home match against Rostov with a score of 1:0. This allowed them to continue taking the lead. It is always hard to catch up with someone, especially if you have to make some noticeable changes in the starting line-up, even if the opponent is an outsider. Spartak’s line-up did not include the injured defender Yeshchenko and the disqualified midfielder Fernando. Also, the team’s captain Glushakov, who haven’t been showing good results lately, and the forward Ze Luis were included in the list of substitutes…

It means that the guest team missed two regular players of the holding zone and Ze Luis who was pretty active during the last matches of the championship and the Russian Cup. This player seemed to make his team attack faster when he successfully dealt with his injury. Melgarejo whom Spartak’s head coach liked so much in Samara also had to warm the bench. This way Carrera had to use Petkovic who spent a long time on the bench instead of Yeshchenko, let Pashalich join the starting line-up even though he hasn’t been participating in matches for a while, and also ask Hanni to exit to the field. In the end Spartak’s line-up for the match in Kaspiysk was really unusual.


Carrera demonstrated careful approach in letting Hanni play more, but the level and skill of this player were evident even when he spent only a few minutes on the field. This Algerian player helped Luiz Adriano enter the one-on-one confrontation with the keeper pretty fast. Unfortunately Adriano couldn’t outsmart the keeper. A bit later Hanni who continued showing smart, smooth and subtle performance performed an assist for Promes. Everything started from this first goal. After that Quincy managed to score two more goals. This hat trick happened because Anzhi was a really convenient opponent for Promes who continued showing great performance. This goal streak ended by Kutepov scoring another goal. Carrera admitted that he told the members of Spartak’s defense line to avoid missing the dangerous counterattacks of Anzhi. His team successfully did it. This allowed Kutepov to catch a side pass near the goal of the owners of the field and perform a header setting the final score of 4:1. All in all, Spartak looked much stronger than its opponent even though not all of the players were doing their best. We shouldn’t really scold them for this after this match because if your opponent gives you the opportunity to play with only half the effort and the score is really in your favor, you really can afford to do this…


Of course Luiz Adriano could have been more active, but in the end he earned a penalty for our team and did his best to not lose the ball during the one-on-one confrontations. As for not being aggressive enough in the front zone — it wasn’t even needed this time. Pashalich or Samedov probably could have been more confident. As for the second half — even Hanni and Promes showed worse results. However, you must agree with the fact that the goal that Anzhi scored did not change the mood of the players during the match. The forces were unequal despite the fact that Spartak chose an unusual line-up. What is the result of this? Spartak continues to participate in the golden race pressuring Lokomotiv. The match against FC Ural is scheduled on the next Sunday and the semifinal of the Russian Cup against Tosno is scheduled on Wednesday, the 18th of April. All in all, Carrera’s rotation was really useful today. Some people must have needed rest; some of them must have spent the time on the bench thinking about their performance. The decisive matches are going to be played soon, they are getting close almost simultaneously, and everyone wants the team to win both of them.

Date: 9 april 2018, 01:30
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