Promes is cooler than Habib!
Spartak spoiled Makhachkala’s celebration of their fighter’s success. Quincy Promes knocked Anzhi down faster than Habib knocked Iaquinta down.
Promes is cooler than Habib!

‘It’s Habib’s time!’

I kept hearing this phrase all day and a certain moment came when it got stuck in my head completely. Makhachkala started the celebration from the morning and it continued all day. Some people were even using firearms.

This was why in the fans who came to see the evening match were extremely motivated and ready to fight.

They were so aggressive that a lonely fan of Spartak almost got into trouble near the ticket offices since the local guys convincingly asked him to take his red-and-white scarf off.

Spartak’s fan did not have time to come up with an answer because the police officers approached the impudent Dagestan youth. One warning was enough: they instantly said that there was no problem.

All in all such things did not happen as a rule. The guest sector seated a hundred and they had no real problems. They were allowed to buy the tickets in a separate ticket office right before the game started and the price was only 200 rubles. The guest entrance was organized in a perfect way, so other cities still have much to learn.

As a sign of gratitude Spartak fans demonstrated calm attitude — there were no pyrotechnics or provocations. They chanted “Russians, go!” once and the owners of the field got slightly upset, but Spartak fans preferred to not use this phrase many times.

Those who rooted for Anzhi behaved in a really good way as well: they didn’t curse or offend Spartak in chorus. Of course there were some people who shouted some offensive things. Moscow photographers heard these things from behind the gate (that’s where I was during the first half) — after each goal against Anzhi our team got Makhachkala’s anger. We didn’t understand whom the fans meant when they shouted “you should go home!”, but we still felt slightly uncomfortable.

It seems that Promes thought that these words were directed to him, so he kept scoring one spectacular goal after another. It’s not clear what the most spectacular thing was: his majestic second goal or the way he bowed after scoring a penalty.

Even if there was some tension on the tribunes, it weakened closer to the end of the first half since Anzhi managed to score one goal in return, so the situation stopped looking that bad. Even though the local guys were aggressive, this aggression looked more tame than their behavior when their team had zero scored goals.

However, sometimes some coins were thrown on the field, one at a time.


That being said, it seemed that the fans of Spartak were not afraid for themselves and for their team.


Nothing foreshadowed the recurrence of this season’s ‘syndrome’ of letting the matches go. The red-and-white team continued to be confident, they created moments and almost all their attacks looked light and fast from the outside. It was evident that the class of the guest team was better than the class of the owners of the field, so this advantage let Spartak score one more goal during the second half.


By the way, I remembered that there were no Glushakov and Fernando on the field only when the match became rather calm because Spartak looked extremely confident! Even though Pashalich who was chosen to cover the center did not show his best performance, Hanni, Promes and a suddenly working pair of Samedov and Petkovic on the right side were the ones to take over. Zobnin demonstrated great skills of keeping the discipline.


As for Hanni — if not for Promes he would be called the best player of this match. His pass to Quincy that allowed the forward to score the first goal, the pass to Adriano who earned us a penalty allowing Quincy to score the third goal, his great activity and the constant desire to make the situation hard for the opponents are commendable.


After Kutepov’s goal Spartak had only one task: they had to avoid injuries and continue playing the match until the end. They seemed to have succeeded.


Makhachkala became sad again. Losing at home with a score of 1:4 is not what Habib would do.


Spartak found its own fighter who defeated the opponents even faster than Nurmagomedov defeated Iaquinta.


Three different goals, three mocking bows led to KO.

Date: 9 april 2018, 00:30
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