‘Spartak is like Habib. It was a long road, but in the end he won the title’
Dmitry Kombarov congratulates Nurmagomedov, envies Glushakov and wishes Promes to score more hat tricks.
‘Spartak is like Habib. It was a long road, but in the end he won the title’

— Spartak confidently defeated Krilya and Anzhi. Do you think that the fans should get used to major victories? 
— I’m happy that we scored many goals and I don’t like that we missed one. Winning the match is the most important thing though.

— Didn’t it seem that the difference in level is so great that this match at Anzhi Arena looked like the meeting of two teams from different leagues? 
— It’s hard to say. Anzhi players clearly couldn’t do what they planned. We, however, were successful in many aspects. Every match is important for Spartak. We will fight for every single point for every single match.

— Promes became the leader of the hitman race. What happens next? 
— I hope he will continue being the leader.

— Have you congratulated him in the locker room? 
— Of course, this is the first hat trick in his career. We wished it to be the first one of many hat tricks.

— Carrera liked the team’s performance, but he didn’t like the goal you missed. How did it happen? 
— We need to analyze this moment and draw some conclusions. Of course we feel bad when we miss goals because it is always better to avoid missing any.

— Can you compare today’s Spartak with Habib Nurmagomedov who totally destroyed Iaquinta? 
— I think so, yes. I’d like to express my sincere congratulations to Habib: it was a long road to success with many injuries. He hasn’t been winning easily and some fighters kept running away from him. He won the title now, so I’m happy for him.

— Do you think that he has a chance to defeat Conor McGregor? 
— Yes, I even think that his chance is better.

— What did you think about when you saw Buffon’s video with his present to Glushakov? 
— What can I say? We have a coach who used to work for Juventus. I guess that Denis persuaded him to ask Buffon to sign a T-shirt and Buffon ended up recording a video. This player is a legend. Having his signed T-shirt in one’s collection is amazing. I guess that anyone envies Glushakov.

— Anzhi’s president Osman Kadiev said that the referee was the best professional on the field. Do you think that he has the right to complain? 
— I don’t want to make any comments.

— Do you think that the penalty shootouts were fair? 
— I don’t know. Even if there were some mistakes they didn’t influence the final result which is the most important thing.

— Pogrebnyak started scoring more. Isn’t it intimidating on the eve of the semi-final of the Russian Cup against Tosno? 
— I watched a review today and I saw that Pasha scored two goals. We will prepare for this, everything depends on us. Pogrebnyak didn’t score any regular goals against Spartak. I hope that he won’t be able to score during the semi-final, be it regular goals or penalty shootouts.

Date: 9 april 2018, 02:30
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