Winning in 27 minutes. Spartak defeated Anzhi, Promes scored a hat trick
For the first time in his career as an adult player Quincy managed to score three goals during one match.
Winning in 27 minutes. Spartak defeated Anzhi, Promes scored a hat trick

Everyone plays in Kaspiysk! Pashalich and Hanni joined Spartak’s starting line-up and it was expected, but the line-up also included the defender Petkovic. This was really something.


The owners of the field also had an unusual line-up. The team’s defender from Venezuela Jhon Chancellor was included in it for the first time. His previous club was called ‘Delfin’. It is the name of the club, not the nickname of its owner. Spoiler: Chancellor’s debut wasn’t good. It wasn’t good at all.


It happened because Spartak won the match only after 27 minutes. Such things happen sometimes. The red-and-white team managed to gain three points easily, without effort. They scored three goals during the first quarter of the match so all that they had to do was to spend 66 more minutes on the field in a relaxed way. For some reason the team from Makhachkala tried to put pressure on high defense, but they weren’t really lucky in doing it. The red-and-white team got the freedom they almost never get during the matches of the RFPL. Nobody expected Spartak to score 3 goals so quickly, but they were deserved.


We didn’t say anything about the players who scored these goals on purpose, because there was only one player. Of course he is the MVP of this match. Qunicy Promes shows really different kinds of performance during this season, but today he was really great. Transforming the combinations of his partners into a goal wasn’t a problem, creating a goal out of nothing (breaking through and performing a shot aimed at the upper V), realizing a penalty wasn’t a problem as well! Promes’ performance in Dagestan was on the level he should demonstrate every time.


That being said, Anzhi managed to score like a British top club from Manchester. Lescano performed a header without meeting any resistance of Spartak’s defenders. It was just like Paul Pogba’s goal yesterday: the members of Manchester City didn’t resist him at all. Of course the relaxed state of Moscow team is understandable since the first half an hour was too easy for them.


There was really no need for the second half. Anzhi wasn’t in the condition that would allow the team to perform some great comeback. Well, at least Spartak’s fans saw the first goal of Ilya Kutepov during this championship. This defender scored once against Nalchik, but that was a Cup match. The match against Anzhi ended with a score of 4:1, which means that Spartak is not ready to just give the golden medals to Lokomotiv.


It’s worth mentioning that Promes didn’t simply score the first hat trick in his career: he also scored three goals faster than anyone else in the history of the RFPL. However, this history begins only in 2002 — during the Russian championship there were times when players scored hat tricks even faster.

Date: 9 april 2018, 01:00
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