Spartak Moscow players in the extended Team Russia list
Spartak Moscow players in the extended Team Russia list

Defender Ilya Kutepov and midfielders Roman Zobnin and Aleksandr Samedov are included into Team Russia squad for the pre-World Cup training camp.

Spartak Moscow defender Dmitry Kombarov and midfielder Denis Glushakov are included into the extended Team Russia. Following the FIFA rules the team ruled by Stanislav Cherchesov must included 35 players.

The national team will gather together in Novogorsk on May 18. On May 20 the squad will head out to Austria. After that the team will return to Moscow. On May 30 Team Russia will face Austria NT in Innsbruck. On June 5 the squad will play against Turkey NT in Moscow.

Date: 11 may 2018, 15:56
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