Dmitry Gunko: We scored the result needed
Spartak-2 head coach gives his opinion on the game against Sibir (2:1).

— We understood that only victory would let us stay in the tournament, so we had proper attitude. The players understood the situation we were in this spring. Today we could show the best we could. Thanks a lot to the squad that they made this result possible.

We had a lot of opportunities to score, as in the games before this spring, but the ball didn’t go into the net. Spartak-2 has the most shots after Enisey in the tournament. This explains that our team shows creative football and makes a lot of opportunities to score. Unfortunately we couldn’t score most of the time. It is obvious that responsibility plays its role. The players feel limited because of it.

I cannot say that keeping the place in the tournament was everything we should have done this season. We had different goals this season. The main one was preparing the players. I have to point out that some of our players are included into the first squad. We wasn’t expecting the fight for staying in the tournament. Personally I think that we deserve more as the way we played was really good.

— What is the explanation for the reverse substitution of Davydov?

— Denis didn’t feel the game. This footballer has the goal feeling. He is capable of deciding the episode which I can see during the trainings. This season he couldn’t go back to the previous level. Denis understands this. I hope next season he will do back to his level.

— Will you stay in the team for the next season?

— The decision is up to club’s management. Spartak-2 and Spartak Moscow youth squad coaching contracts expire this year.

— The key goal was scored quite late. Did you know about the results of other games?

— Yes, we followed them. In some occasions we might have been satisfied with a draw. We thought about this. We scored the goal not because we stopped being fine with a draw. We wanted to score in the first half even more. 

— Has Sibir impressed you with anything? 

— No. We understood of how they would built up the game.

— They didn’t need anything in the tournament.

— Apart from the tournament motivation there is footballers’ pride. No one counted that we would easily win. Sibir was in the 7th place. It is a good team. That is why the game was interesting for the viewers.

— Can you point out anyone in the team?

— Obviously Bakaev. He was the key player in this game scoring twice. The rest of the squad showed themselves quite well too. It is different when you are on top and when you are at the bottom. Today Spartak-2 showed that they deserve to win. Well done!

Date: 12 may 2018, 20:38
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