Massimo Carrera: Derby victory is the most important for us now
Spartak Moscow head coach answered the reporters' questions before the last game this season.
Massimo Carrera: Derby victory is the most important for us now
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Today Spartak Moscow has traditionally invited reporters from leading sports media to Tarasovka.

It is the first time when the press-conference took place less than 20 hours before the most important game of the season.

Pre-match training session started with theoretical lesson at 15:45 and was followed by an actual training. Journalists were allowed to see about 40 minutes of the session — more than usual. Media representatives saw the warm up and the actual session led by the coach for the pitch players and by Gianluca Riommi for the goalkeepers Artem Rebrov and Aleksandr Maksimenko.

Only when the team started the tactical part, reporters were to leave and wait for the coach in the press centre.

The first question was about Team Russia.

— The extended list of National Team players for the world cup was presented yesterday. Glushakov wasn't included into the main one. Don't you think it might influence him in a bad way psychologically?

— In football you have to choose sometimes. You also have to deny some players in some occasions. The choice was made by Team Russia coach, not me. Glushakov is a professional. He understands that life keeps going. You would be better asking himself but I think he will be okay.

— He didn't take part in the training today. Hasn't he recovered yet?

— Yes, he is still in an imperfect condition.

— What did happen to Pedro Rocha?

— He has a little knee issue. Only himself and Glushakov are not ready to play tomorrow.

— What about Maksimovic?

— He is ready.

— Do you think it is appropriate to announce the NT list before the key game?

— Look, tomorrow we are having an extremely important game. It is a derby, the victory in which gives us an opportunity to enter the Champions League group stage directly. I believe Spartak Moscow only did that for the last time twice in a row in 2008. I am not interested in NT. Let its coach rule and I will rule my team.

— Which strong sides could you point out in the tomorrow's opposition?

— Dinamo shows good level of football. They scored quite the points in the second leg games. They poses good players who can create counterattacks. We should keep the balance between attack and defence on the pitch.

— There are rumours that you are interested in Dinamo's player Tashaev. Would you like to see him in Spartak Moscow?

— All the transfer questions will be discussed after the season. Currently I am concentrated on my players only. I will think about others when we are done.

— There is experience when the coach is offered a new contract before the goal for the season is completed. For example, Hiddink before EURO 2008. Have you expected anything like this from the club's management?

— No, as I still have a year to go.

— Have you made up your mind with a scheme for Dinamo?

— I technically have chosen 11 players for the starting line-up. We are planning to move throughout the game considering Dinamo's actions. I have some thoughts on that but I won't tell you.

— What did you think about when you had known that Selikhov was out for so long?

— I am really sorry. Especially considering the fact that he could have played on the World Cup. Selikhov is a young player and he works really hard.

— Does Spartak Moscow need another goalkeeper?

— We currently have two.

— Have you decided who will play tomorrow?

— Not yet.

— Melgarejo played really well on the wing of defence in the last games. Is that because he previously played with two centre-backs, not three of them?

— Of course, for the player as Melgarejo it is easier when there are three centre-backs. He does his job even when there are two.

— Who has decided that he is a centre-forward? He came to Russia as a defender.

— When I came to Spartak Moscow, he had been playing as an attacking player already. Actually he is a diverse footballer.

— Which position do you think is the best for him?

— He can play as a lateral with three centre-backs and as a forward.

— Promes has said that Glushakov is the real captain of Spartak Moscow after the last game. Is it still the same?

— Yes, Glushakov is a captain but if he isn't playing the band goes to another player. Vice-captain is Kombarov. If he doesn't play, than we have to find another captain.

— What is the time for Glushakov to recover? It has been said that he must be ready for Dinamo.

— I cannot say for sure. Anyway he has time to fully recover now.

— As soon as Selikhov got the injury, everyone on social media started criticizing Rebrov, probably without a reason. Do you have anything to say to the fans who are waiting for the mistake?

— Everyone makes mistakes. Goalkeeping mistakes are more noticeable as the goals are missed because of them. Forwards might have 7-8 unused moments but it is hard to notice as the team might just tie. I must remind you that Rebrov was the first goalkeeper last season when we became Champions.

— Do you need another person to add to the coaching staff?

— Currently I just want to win against Dinamo. I will think about everything after that.

— Today Spartak-2 managed to stay in FNL. Is it an important fact for you? What do you think about this project in general?

— It is important to have Spartak-2 in FNL. Thanks to that, we can follow the young boys playing against men and make decisions on their first squad chances. But firstly it is important for the players themselves.
Date: 12 may 2018, 22:33
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