Roman Zobnin: We are all together in the locker
Spartak Moscow midfielder took part in the pre-match press conference.
Roman Zobnin: We are all together in the locker
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— You missed the first leg game against your ex-club due to the injury. Do you need to win tomorrow fundamentally?

— First of all, it is a derby. All the derbies are special. Of course, I have some special attitude to Dinamo as I played there for 3 years, but still I am going to prepare for it as I do usually.

— Some time ago you couldn't say that you fully recovered from the injury and you are back at your level. Yesterday Stanislav Cherchesov said that you reminded him the old yourself. Do you agree?

— It is hard to say at the moment. We didn't play against the high level opposition lately. I can only answer when the World Cup is started considering the way I will play there.

— What did you feel when you were announced in the NT list?

— Happiness of course. Each footballer is dreaming to be in this list.

— Have you spoken to Glushakov and Kombarov? Do they stress about not being included into the main NT list?

— We don't discuss NT in the club. When we are with Team Russia — yes. I think they are disappointed but we didn't speak.

— Glushakov isn't playing and training with the team currently. Is he still a part of the team?

— Of course. We are all together in the locker. We support each other. He is our captain.
Date: 12 may 2018, 22:48
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