Twelfth bronze
Twelfth bronze
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The destiny of silver medals and direct road to the Champions League group stage was decided in the old Moscow derby. The stadium full of red-and-white fans was waiting for the victory. Unfortunately it didn't happen. Now Spartak Moscow road to the Champions League group stage has two qualification rounds. These became the 12th bronze medals in Spartak Moscow history: 9 in USSR League and 3 in Russian one.

Moreover, Quincy Promes became the best league striker with 15 goals scored. He managed to overcome Fyodor Smolov. The last time Spartak Moscow player won the top-scorer competition was in 2012/13 season. It was completed by Yura Movsisyan. Although, he partially scored for Krasnodar, so he shared the title with WandersonWelliton became the unique top-scorer in 2010 but his record amongst legionnaires was beaten by Promes (64 goals all-time) lately. Nevertheless, Spartak Moscow scored more than any team this season (51 goals).

 the game everyone honoured the legendary Spartak Moscow midfielder Yury Gavrilov who turned 65 recently. General Manager of our club and Gavrilov's teammate gifted him some memorable things. Gavrilov performed the symbolic kick whilst the stadium was applauding.

The home team immediately took the advantage. Pasalic's header and Promes' free kick weren't accurate enough. Spartak Moscow had its best moment on the 25th minute when Hanni assisted Promes who had a perfect position, he struck but Shunin made a spectacular save.

After that, the penalty kick episode happened. Rebrov didn't manage to save Lutsenko's shot. Panchenko missed an empty goal a few minutes later.

We changed to the game with three centre-backs in the second half. Samedov played as a right lateral, Melgarejo as a left one, Zobnin transformed from the right-back to the centre-half back. Pasalic moved to the centre of defence. The positioning attack wasn't going smoothly. At the same time Dinamo's player Lutsenko hit the crossbar in one of the counterattacks. After that, Chernykh didn't use his moment.

Spartak Moscow attacked a lot in the end of the game. Fernando's shot was saved by Shunin. Luis Adriano and Promes fell down in the penalty area but the referee didn't react. Shots by Zobnin and Promes were blocked by Dinamo's goalkeeper as well. Unfortunately our team lost in the last game this season and did it at home.


Russian Premier League
Russian Premier League
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