Massimo Carrera: You cannot train the sports anger
Spartak Moscow head coach gives his opinion on the game against Dinamo.
Massimo Carrera: You cannot train the sports anger
— Could you please sum up the season: was it more positive or more negative in your opinion?

— More negative. We had a chance for silver medals and direct road to the Champions League group stage. We didn't meet the goal we set. Although we took the third place, I don't see this season as a positive one.

— You won medals. What positive can you point out?

— The most positive thing was our series without defeats of 18 matches in a row. It let us go this high in the tournament table.

— What motivation did Mario Pasalic and Nikola Maksimovic had apart from not getting injured?

— They are professionals. We lost because Dinamo had more sports anger. The opposition fought for each ball, wanted to win. That is why they did it. Having quality players is not enough. They should have sports anger. From the very beginning of the game it was noticeable that Dinamo players have more of it. It is never easy when it comes to this.

— Why did Spartak Moscow players lack the sports anger? Who is to blame?

— Me as I am a coach. I don't try to undercover. I am responsible for the team's actions in good or bad. When we are lucky I can mention others but if not — I am the only one to blame.

— Why did you first started with two centre-backs when Dinamo had three of them and only changed to the same scheme after the missed goal?

— It was hard for us. We couldn't close all the zones. I tried to change the situation throughout the game but it didn't help.

— Did you replace Sofiane Hanni to create more crossovers to Dinamo penalty area?

— Exactly. As we couldn't find the free zones in the lines I put Ze Luis to fight in the penalty area.

— Do you have an image of Spartak Moscow next season?

— Yes. Tomorrow we are having a meeting with the management, so we can discuss everything for the next season.

— Spartak Moscow didn't meet the goals set. Does it bother you?

— Obviously it does. I am responsible for this. I am the only one to blame as I am the coach. I don't regret anything though. I did everything to be as high as possible. I worked for the team. Sometimes it falls into places but sometimes not.

— Why did you put Maksimovic instead of Bocchetti?

— Maksimovic is tall. I think he did his best as everyone else did. Obviously you can talk post factum. I decided to put him considering the trainings and the opposition.

— Could you name two or three most remarkable games this season?

— Easy. Home victory against Sevilla (5:1) and away defeat against Liverpool (0:7). This is Spartak Moscow. We can win by 5:1 or loose by 0:7.

— Why today's game had such an emotional finale?

— We wanted to tie at least. I tried to cheer up the team, so they could score.

— How can the coach prepare the team so it has the sports anger?

— Great question. You cannot train the sports anger. You either have it in your heart and in your blood or not. Each person is special. Sports anger is the ambition and the desire to meet the goals set. It is important to care of what you do. There are no gifts in football. If you want to win, you have to work hard, to leave something behind. Not everyone can deal with pressure existing. Especially when you are confident in yourself and you think you can easily win. This is a completely wrong way. When I was a footballer I knew myself and gave my 300%, so I was ready for everything. I had ambitions and I wanted achievements. The player without ambition can have one good season but to become an ordinary one in the next. Ambitious footballer becomes angry loosing a game whilst even training. You cannot put it into someone's head.

— Why did Fernando come out in the second half only?

— I just made such choice. Dinamo had athletic players in the centre, so I made this choice. Maybe it wasn't the right one but I saw like that before the game.

— Were there unmotivated players in Spartak Moscow this season?

— No, I meant football in general. There are no such players in Spartak Moscow. I don't blame anyone and don't point on anyone as well.
Date: 13 may 2018, 22:54
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