«My job is to help our young goalkeepers become world-class» - Rinat Dasaev
«My job is to help our young goalkeepers become world-class» - Rinat Dasaev
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Rinat Dasaev has recently left his position as Spartak-2 goalkeeper coach owing to his health condition. Our former keeper has done a rehabilitation course for his troublesome knee and now cannot overwork it.

But he will stay on at the club in a consultative capacity, helping out goalkeeping coaches as the Academy, U21s and Spartak-2.

— I now cannot train goalkeepers properly owing to my knee problems, — Rinat said in an interview with our press office. Both my knees were operated on back when I was young. And people were left surprised I have made it through my entire professional career almost with no injuries. But I’m not young anymore, I had to go through training session with pain recently. The doctors advise me to play it safe.

— But you will stay at Spartak, fortunately.

— Yes, I will stay in a consultative role for goalkeeping coaches in the Academy, U21s and Spartak-2 — an offer from Sergei Rodionov and Nail Izmailov that I gladly accepted.

— What will this role entail?

— We plan to meet up with the coaches every week, discuss the finer points. I know players and coaches very well. I’ll watch as many U21s, first division’s and Moscow’s championship as I can.

There are goalkeepers in our set-up which can become world-class in the future. My job is to help them achieve that. Maksimenko is with the first team already, Tereshkin and Shitov have proven themselves too.

I hope my experience will be of use to the young coaches and players. I’d like to thank the Club overall, and Leonid Fedun personally, for the trust they’ve put in me. It’s very important for me to be able to continue at Spartak. That’s my favourite club, and my favourite job.

— When FIFA’s president Gianni Infantino visited Spartak’s Hall of Fame at the Otkritie Arena, the first thing he asked was whether Rinat Dasaev still worked at the Club. You are often invited to different UEFA and FIFA events as a football legend. Will you continue in this capacity too?

— I won’t be able to take part in friendlies, but I’ll be glad to attend the draw. We are on good terms with Gianni Infantino too. Have recently had a chance to talk at the Ballon D’Or ceremony.

Also, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year while I have the chance. All the best to our fans. Hopefully Spartak will reach its goals in 2019. 6 points off the first place is not too much!

Date: 28 december 2018, 14:00
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