«I go to Krylia to come back stronger» - Jano
«I go to Krylia to come back stronger» - Jano

Jano Ananidze will spend the rest of the season on loan at Krylia Sovetov.

Our 26-year-old midfielder addressed the reasons behind this decision, as well as his targets for the upcoming spring in an interview with our press office.

— I do not hide the fact I wanted to give it a go in Europe, — said Jano. — Leonid Slutsky, Vitesse’s head coach, was keen for me to join and this option was my number 1 priority. Unfortunately we ran into some problems with the papers. Despite me being ready to take a substantial financial hit, the transfer fell through.

I’d like to thank Spartak for giving me different options. Krylia Sovetov were the first ones to make an offer for me, but when Vitesse came into the picture I asked Spartak’s management to give me time. It took a while, but this break was met with understanding.

Vitesse are off the table now, so I’m going to Krylia. The first pre-season tour kicks off on January 14. I’ve had other options in Russia, but Krylia’s head coach called me personally and I said I would join Krylia if the foreign club option doesn’t work out. I gave my word because I have huge respect for him - and he knows me well from our time at Rostov. It’s a shame Krylia failed to make the spring stages of the Russian Cup - we’ll be unable to repeat our success from 2014. (Smiles)

Samedov also joined Krylia, which is nice. I’m happy he wants to continue playing, that he hasn’t retired.

I understand why the loan has to happen, I can adequately assess my capabilities: I’ve had injuries down the line, there were times when I wasn’t at my best. I need to prove I’m at the required level on the pitch and I intend to do it. I’ve had a similar situation before, where I had to take a step back to eventually keep moving forward. I’ll do it again.

I want to get regular minutes, not just 5-minute cameos. Playing regularly is the only way to prove myself, become stronger and return to Spartak.

Date: 10 january 2019, 14:45
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