When will Bocchetti, Eschenko, Gigot and Fernando return?
When will Bocchetti, Eschenko, Gigot and Fernando return?
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Spartak players continue their preparation for the rest of the season in Dubai, doing twice-daily sessions.

Before an on-pitch session kicks in, the coaching staff holds the usual theory session, where players currently recovering from injuries are also present. At the time this includes Salvatore Bocchetti, Andrey Eschenko, Samuel Gigot and Fernando.

After theory sessions, when the team leaves for on-pitch training, the injured players stay behind at the hotel and work individually, doing gym work, physio drills and swimming exercises. Gigot also mixes it up with going work on his injured leg.

The Frenchman is recovering following an ACL surgery, much like his teammate Eschenko. Bocchetti is doing likewise after a surgical intrusion on his ankle, while Fernando is battling ligament inflammation consequences.

Dmitry Mironov, our physio, takes charge of the recovery process. He elaborated on each player’s situation in an interview with our press office.

— Everyone is on course to full recovery. But we need to take into account each player is at his own stage of fitness right now.

Fernando still has some knock-on effects of last year’s injury. Eschenko is in the early stages of rehab, he has only had surgery a month ago.

Bocchetti has surgery after that, but his injury was of a different kind, so we expect him to start field work during the next tour, in Qatar.

Finally, Gigot’s recovery trajectory is very positive. We hope he can be involved to a degree with the main group in a month, will be able to pull off more intensive drills. He works with the ball even now, albeit individually.

— Is the rehabilitation course adapted to a particular type of injury the player is recovering from?

— Of course, the exercises and physiotherapy depend on the injury type. But overall, each player does physiotherapy, muscle drills, gym work, swimming, exercises on sand for muscle strength.

— How does swimming help?

— It allows the player to relax. He doesn’t get an extra workload, only the type which involves his body and water resistance. Swimming helps a great deal in the recovery process.

— Injured players don’t normally travel with the squad for pre-season tours. Can this be considered a team building exercise in this case?

— It can, because it’s easier for the players to feel part of the team. I think it speeds up recovery too!

Date: 12 january 2019, 15:00
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