First training session in Belek upon return
First training session in Belek upon return
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Spartak players checked into Belek’s hotel yesterday - the same one they stayed at just a couple of days ago - and were out training again in an hour, under the watchful eye of Oleg Kononov. The session was as intense as usual: 90 minutes of practice, preceded by theory.

While the session itself was in full swing, our head of medical team, Mikhail Vartapetov, sat down with our press office to provide an update on the players who were not involved with the main group today. He also spoke about Fernando, who is currently undergoing a course of planned treatment in Rome.

— Fernando went to Villa Stuart for the planned medical exam. There is a number of medical procedures you can only carry out at the clinic. We just don’t have the means to help Fernando overcome the consequences of tendon inflammation at the training camp. He had the problem since last autumn. During earlier pre-season tours Fernando joined the main group, he was doing well, but felt occasional discomfort nonetheless. We decided not to aggravate it, so went with another medical exam and procedures linked to it.

— Aleksandr Selikhov had painful sensations in the back during the last pre-season tour and worked individually for the last couple of days. How’s he doing now?

— He is feeling fine, the pain is gone almost entirely. Today he is training with some restrictions, but should be back with the main group in a day or two. The same goes for Lorenzo Melgarejo, who should be in full training in the next couple of days.

— Samuel Gigot and Andrey Eschenko are recovering from ACL injuries as planned?

— Yes, they are on track. Gigot mostly trains with the physio for now, to up his fitness levels. He needs to be physically ready to carry out specific playing drills. Eschenko has had his surgery considerably later, but his recovery is going well.

If we are to put a date of their respective returns, Gigot should be back with the main group end of March/beginning of April, for Andrey it is sometime in May. I don’t rule out we’ll see him play before the season is out, given the rate of his recovery.

— Artem Rebrov travelled with the team to Turkey. What will his training routine look like?

— He is undergoing a series of therapeutic procedures. On February 26 he will fly to Rome to take off the sling — after that he can start working his shoulder. Eschenko will travel to Rome too. He’ll undergo a check-up, which will tell us how much we can up the intensity in training.

Date: 16 february 2019, 22:00
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