A Sunday morning training session: NT's coaching staff visit and Eschenko's recovery
A Sunday morning training session: NT's coaching staff visit and Eschenko's recovery
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Oleg Kononov’s side is back to bi-daily training sessions. Today the morning session was aimed at improving team’s overall physical shape: players did stretching exercises, worked with weights, as well as doing strengthening and running work.

The players also did some intricate drills aimed at controlling the ball with the first touch with subsequent shots at goal.

The team currently trains behind closed doors. However this mostly concerns the media, while an expected exception was made for the Russia’s NT coaching staff. Miroslav Romaschenko, Gintaras Stauce and Vladimir Panikov.

After the session Andrey Eschenko, who is currently recovering from an ACL injury, answered our press office’s questions.

— I’m on course for my initial recovery date: I work on the pitch and at the gym, — said Eschenko. I hope it’ll be alright. I’ll go see a doctor in Italy on February 26, we’ll see what he says. It will clear up when I can return to action.

— Our head of medical department, Mikhail Vartapetov, says your recovery at a good rate. Is this solely down to how your body responds, or is it hard work too?

— A bit of both. I recover quickly because of my overall fitness. Plus I’m recovering as part of the team, which makes it easier. I’m not alone, I can talk to my teammates. Even simply going to the friendlies helps. I would also like to extend my gratitude to our medical team. Plus I really want to recover as quickly as I can. I hope to be back this season!

Date: 17 february 2019, 14:30
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