«The players are working, but we need time» — Oleg Kononov
«The players are working, but we need time» — Oleg Kononov

Our head coach faced the press after the game against Rubin. Here’s what he had to say.

— Building any team requires time. Were you prepared for that from the beginning?

— Of course, I was ready for any turn of events. Ideally I wanted the team to play the kind of football I want to see faster. But there are certain circumstances, like injuries, which prevented us from fielding the ideal squad. We also need our players to develop, that’s essential. The players are working, but we need time.

— Why do you create almost no moments of danger from open play?

— We do create them. And it doesn’t matter much, whether they come from counters or possession play. Often teams shut up shop against us and we can’t create enough despite dominating possession.

We have played quite a few matches in the last 9-10 days. The lads were not particularly fresh today. But we are moving in the right direction regardless. I feel the players trust me and that’s the most important thing for a coach.

— What happened to Rasskazov and Gigot?

— Rasskazov sustained an injury at the tail end of the Enisey match. A second medical examination showed us there’s a crack in his ankle, an unpleasant injury. With Gigot, his old injury flared up. Not the one he sustained last fall though.

Date: 29 april 2019, 23:00
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