Oleg Kononov: «We need to be completely focused against Thun»
Oleg Kononov: «We need to be completely focused against Thun»
Our head coach and Ayrton faced the press ahead of the return leg vs Thun in the Europa League third qualifying round. Here's what they had to say.

— We have a very important game ahead, which will decide, who will go through, — said Oleg Kononov. — The team takes the preparation for the game very seriously. I want us to play as part of the whole first and foremost and get the right result.

— Do wins in the last games help prepare for this one?
— I have already said Swiss football is quality. Teams from the Swiss first division play quick, aggressive, football - something Thun demonstrated in the first match. So we need to be completely focused to win. Everyone's ready, we don't have anyone out injured. The only ones who won't play are Til and Larsson, who played for their previous clubs in Europa League earlier. Both were very good in Grozny, despite this being their debuts.

— Does the team know about the tragic death of one of its supporters, Alexey Bakhit?
— Yes, this is a big loss for the team, for the entire fan movement. Alexey visited over 500 our matches, he was a true supporter. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.

— The Europa League is an important tournament for us, — said Ayrton. — It's good we have won the away leg. We will now play at home, with the support of our fans. On natural grass, unlike in Switzerland. But we can't let our foot off the gas: there are no weak teams in the Europa League. We will play to win. Regarding myself, I'll do my best and will try to get better with each game.

— Ze Luis, Adriano and Fernando all left the Club this summer. Do you miss them, the opportunity to speak your native tongue?
— I miss them. They were good players and good friends. But it's part of the game. We have Melgarejo and Ponce, who both speak Spanish and we understand each other perfectly. Other chip in too. Dzhikia, as a captain, for example: he always keeps us focused and motivated.
Date: 14 august 2019, 17:35
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