Alex Kral: «I'm used to red-and-white colours!»
Alex Kral: «I'm used to red-and-white colours!»
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Our Czech newcomer spoke to our press office.

— You are joining from Slavia, whose colours are also red-and-white. Will that make adaptation easier?

— Yes, the colours are the same. I'm used to them and I like them. It's my first time in Moscow, but it's obvious the city is very beautiful. The stadium and the Hall of Fame are brilliant too. I'm very happy with everything, so I'm awaiting the opportunity to step onto the pitch.

— Why did you choose number 33?

— I have played with this number and I was good, so there's that! So I wanted to keep him.

— You are not the first Czech at Spartak. Do you know the others?

— I know Martin Jiranek. And Marek Suchy, we have played together for the national team this year.

— Did you talk to Marek about Spartak, before making the decision to join?

— No, but we will meet in a couple of days, at the national side. I'll ask him about the city, about the people in Russia and everything else.

— You are compared with David Luiz fairly often. Not just in terms of looks, but because of the manner you play in. Is the Brazilian a role model for you?

— We are compared because of our hairstyles. If I become as important for Spartak as he was for Chelsea, I will only be happy.

— What are your strong points?

— I don't like to talk about my game. I think my main quality is working to become better. I do this every day.

— This week you helped Slavia qualify for the Champions League group stages. What are your aims at Spartak?

— It's a big occasion for Slavia. I wish them well. I hope that next season we'll play in the Champions League with Spartak!
Date: 1 September 2019, 15:00
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