Mikhail Vartapetov leaves Spartak
Mikhail Vartapetov leaves Spartak
Our Head of Medical Department, Mikhail Vartapetov, will step down.

He has joined our ranks in 2008 as a first-team doctor, before becoming Head of Medical in 2013.

We would like to thank him for the work he's done and his care for our players' health for the last 10+ years. We wish Mikhail all the best in his future career!

— I would like to thank the Club, the players and all the staff for the years we've worked together, — said Vartapetov. — I will forever remain a Spartak fan and I with the Club every success. I hope everyone forgets about past grudges and moves forward, together. I leave the best medical department in the country with a clear conscience and hope that new specialists will make it even better!

Mikhail Butkovsky will become the new Head of Medical, having joined this summer.
Date: 5 September 2019, 16:10
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