Tedesco Targets 100% Focus On Zenit
Tedesco Targets 100% Focus On Zenit
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The Red-Whites Head Coach Domenico Tedesco speaks to the press ahead of Spartak's clash vs Zenit on Sunday evening.

— Zenit striker Artyom Dzyuba said he considered Sunday's game against Spartak as a war. What does this game mean for you?

— It's okay, we like when the opponent is hot, we're hot as well. For us it's always important to be there from the first second. It doesn't matter if we play against Ural, Ufa or Zenit. We have to be here. We have to be very concentrated and motivated from the first minute till the very last one. 

— Will special attention be paid for marking Dzyuba?

— Dzyuba doesn't just score goals. He works for the team, clings to passes that gives his partners more time and space. But Zenit also have other high-quality players such as Ivanović, Azmoun, Douglas Santos, who's been great in recent weeks. 

— Sometimes Zenit doesn't hesitate to play on the counterattacks and they're often criticized for that. What game are you preparing for?

— In the last six games that we had we always tried to play attacking football — we have suitable players for that style of play. And if there's an opportunity, then we will actively attacking in St. Petersburg. But you need to be ready for any game. For example, in the Barcelona vs Borussia game the Catalans often had to endure and restrain the pressure of the opponent, but in the end they've been waiting for their chances and finally won.

— Have you already analyzed the Zenit game in September, in which Spartak lost 0-1 at home?

— Yes, not now but before I came to Spartak after I received an offer to take up the role as the Head Coach here. It one of the matches that I analyzed. We played 4-4-2 with Guliyev and Zobnin in the middle. We conceded goal after the corner. 

— Mikhail Vilkov will be the VAR Referee for the Sundsy's game. Did you hear that surname before?

— No, I didn't. It's not so important for me. We have to be focused 100% on that game. We've analysed the opponent. That is, we're working on the things we have influence on. You can't influence on referees and the VAR.

— There're lots of scandals on the VAR in Russia. Do you see any differences how VAR works in RPL and in other leagues?

— We also had lots of disscusion in Germany about the VAR. It's very sensitive topic. It's not easy to define when the VAR has to stop or to intervene the game. I think what's important that it's clear because if you decide the VAR should only interrupt the situations that are clear wrong and then you intercept the moments that are 50/50 — then it's difficult. I think we'll always have this disscusion: in Germany, in Russia, in Italy...

— Zenit's stadium has a retractable roof, which will be closed for Sunday. Previously you worked at Schalke and in Veltins-Arena, which also has a retractable roof. What's the special feature of preparing for the matches taking place in such conditions?

— You have to be ready that it's going to be very loud under the roof. The atmosphere is amazing tough.

— Don't you think you made a mistake last week in Yekaterinburg by starting Schürrle, not Ponce?

— I don't think so. Firstly, Ponce was away with Argentina. Secondly, André had good trainings on the week of the Ural game. There were lots of chances in that game, unfortunately, we didn't convert them into goals.

— How do you feel about ice-hockey? Would you like to visit HC Soartak Moscow game?

— I'd be lying if I said I'm an ice-hockey fan. But I'd love to go to the match. That'd be helpful. I think we have a lot to learn from ice-hockey players.
Date: 29 November 2019, 15:00
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