Umyarov's First Step
Nail Umyarov has received the 'First Step' award.
Umyarov's First Step
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Today the awarding ceremony was held in Moscow's Palace of Pioneers on Vorobyovy Gory to mark Nail Umyarov's the 'First Step' award. 19-years-old half-back has been recognized as the best debutant of this year's Russian Premier Liga.

The 'First Step' award was established this year by Children Football League and LUKOIL sports club. The Heads of RFS, RPL, FNL and PFL, club's head coaches, pundits and media representatives took part in the poll. 61 out of 81 voters gave their vote to Umyarov.

Also, the traditional 'First A' award was presented to the best RPL young players of rhis season, Krasnodar's Matvey Safonov and Magomed-Shapi Suleymanov.

The ceremony's guests were Umyarov’s parents, his grandmother and nephew, as well as Stanislav Karataev, the head coach of the Russian youth team, who developed Nail for senior football. The prize was awarded to the midfielder by the People's Artist of Russia Dmitry Nazarov and the head coach of the Russian U21 team Mikhail Galaktionov.

In the final part of the ceremony, Umyarov went on stage in the Ded Moroz costume and gave gifts to young players of the Chertanovo football school, in which he also studied.

«I'm very pleased to receive such award. I hope this is not the last award in my life. In addition, an individual honour is one thing, but in terms of our team we were counting on a different result. We'll do our utmost in 2020 to remedy the situation. I'm sure everything will be good with proper diligence!», Nail proclaimed.
Date: 26 December 2019, 18:30
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