19/22 Questions with Samuel Gigot
19/22 Questions with Samuel Gigot
In celebration of our 99th birthday, we sat down with our gladiator Samuel Gigot, and asked him 19 questions about football, and a further 22 about life off the pitch. Here we go!

About Spartak and football:

Q: What’s your main goal at Spartak?
Winning the title, nobody has any other dream.

Q: Describe Spartak in three words.
Fantastic, seething, passionate

Q: You have been at Spartak for almost three years. What has been your best memory during this period?
Nothing beats derby victories. The match with CSKA in which I scored twice was very special in particular.

Q: Which teammate’s biography would you buy first?

Q: What has changed after Promes’ return?
His winning spirit rubs off on everybody else. Having such a leader on your team is very important. He never gives up and is not afraid to fight. It’s great that he’s back with us.

Q: Your leadership qualities are also noted by many. Can you give us some examples of the same?
Many people remember the show that I staged in Dubai. We were returning by bus to the hotel after a team dinner. The coaches were travelling separately, so I could have a bit more fun than usual. I did a roll call, like you do with the fans after a derby. I shouted “Spartak”, and everybody else shouted back. It was powerful.

Q: Think back to your favourite moment of fun with your teammates.
Recently, I slipped a hard object into my sleeve, and told Quincy to hit my hand as powerfully he could. At first, he hit me lightly and didn’t understand what I was getting at. Then, he actually hit with power and screamed in power. He was ready to kill me, but I laughed for a good while.

Q: Do you keep in touch with any former Spartak players?
Sometimes I talk to (Sofiane) Hanni, I saw Ze Luis recently too.

Q: In Rostov you suffered a concussion but quickly returned. Are you really Iron Man?
I suffered a severe knee injury a while ago, so a concussion was child’s play for me. For five-ten seconds I couldn’t remember where I was, and my jaw hurt for a while, but I recovered fairly quickly.

Q: What aspect of your football do you want to improve?
I want to be stronger, faster, and more precise. The main thing though is to be ready mentally. It is important to fight like a gladiator, and then you can compensate for any disadvantages.

Q: What motivates you, the desire to win or the fear of losing?
Only the desire to win! I have one motivation and that’s to always give my most. I dreamed of becoming a footballer, achieved it and enjoy every moment of the game. Moreover, the career of an athlete is relatively short.

Q: Have you ever been ready to give up?
Never during a game. DO you remember how Schalke played in the derby with Borussia a few years ago, and came back from a 4-0 deficit? Then too the team was coached by Tedesco. You should never give up in advance.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to before matches?
French rap helps me tune in to games. I’m changing my repertoire, but right now my favourites are PNL, and Marseille rapper Jul

Q: Who is the best centre-back in the world right now?
Perhaps it’s van Dijk. In general, I like old style players. They never whined and were not afraid of injuries. I think Cannavaro is the best of the best.

Q: With what player, former or current would you like to play with?
Zidane! This is the best French player ever.

Q: What has to happen for you to play for the French national team?
I don’t think about it. The coach has a lot of choice, and it’s difficult for me to be among those names. First, I need to go to the UCL with Spartak and show myself there.

Q: Will PSG win the Champions League this year?
I hope not, better let Zidane do it.

Q: What club is worthy for Tedesco, apart from Spartak?
Marseille! Domenico is a great professional. I think he would succeed at the highest levels.
Q: On the day of the match against Ufa, the club will turn 99 years old. What do you want as a birthday present?
Spartak is the largest club in Russia with a lot of titles. I really want this cabinet to be replenished as soon as possible. Our fans deserve it for sure.

About life and yourself:

Q: How would your friends describe you?
I hope they would call me honest. This is the main thing I value in others, I don’t like fake people.

Q: Who do you call when you have important news to share first?
My older brother Tony

Q: Tony is a professional rugby player. Does he still think football is a girls’ sport?
I think yes. He is three years older, and as a child when we fought it was difficult to compete with him.

Tony is always an example for me. I grew up and watched him become an athlete, saw how he played in England and Australia. I saw his mistakes too, and adapted myself.

Q: For what reason would you get into a fight?
In Russia, this can be caused by Vodka. No haha, just kidding! There is no such reason, I’m a peaceful guy. I fight only on the pitch.

Q: What language would you like to learn?
Russian, I still don’t know it well. Also Arabic; for some reason many people say that I have Arabic roots, but this isn’t true at all.

Q: What can you talk about for hours, and what do you not want to talk about at all?
I’m ready to discuss football for hours, but I don’t want to hear anything about the coronavirus.

Q: What would you like to change in your character and appearance?
I try to be a good guy, but I would like to help as many people as possible. Let the appearance be as it is. If I say anything else, my parents will be offended.

Q: What event in your life would you like to experience again?
The moment when I became a father.

Q: The first word you taught your son is…
It’s hard to say because unfortunately I don’t spend time with him that often. He said ‘dad’ before he said ‘mom’ though, I’m sure of that. And now his favourite words are the very ones that I shouted on the bus: “Spartak Moscow! Hey! Hey!”

By the way, I have a nephew about the same age. He’s so crazy about Spartak! Pronounces the name of our club with such aggression that would scare any opponent! He also wears both Spartak kits.

Q: What is the main difference between Samuel Gigot on and off the pitch?
There is a war on the field, so I am much more aggressive there. The game has no time for jokes and pleasures.

Q: Is it difficult to convince you of things?
Impossible. This is one of my problems, I’m too stubborn!

Q: How do you feel about superstitions and omens?
I don’t believe in any of them. Black cats and broken mirrors don’t scare me. I believe only in the Lord.
Q: When was the last time you cried?
It was hard to hold back tears when my son was very young, and when it was time for me to return to Moscow.

Q: How do you see yourself in 40 years? What will Grandpa Samuel do?
The main thing is being healthy and close to my family. I don’t think about the rest at the moment.

Q: Which application on your phone do you use the most?
Yandex.Taxi and the Otkrytie Bank app!

Q: What is your most popular contact on your phone?
Mom and dad share the first place.

Q: How have you been acquainted with Russia during these few years?
It is generally accepted that people here are gloomy and closed. I remember the first time I passed border control at the airport and the woman behind the glass looked me at such an angry glare. I was worried then, but everything turned out to be a lot more positive. In Moscow I am surrounded by cheerful and sympathetic people.

Q: Have you used the Moscow metro yet?
Yes, it’s very handy! Traffic jams are terrible. We travelled with a friend from Luzhniki to Moscow City by the metro. It went deep underground when we left the Red Square. Nobody recognized me in the carriage, masks help maintain my anonymity.
Q: Tell us about your most reckless acts
Perhaps the wildest things we did were during our childhood. It was fashionable in our city to fight the police at that time. We ran to their cars, poured water on the cops, and then ran away. It seemed funny then. Fortunately, I was never caught.

Q: Describe your native French Riveira in a few words.
That’s the life! Sun, beach, rest.

Q: How many times have you watched the main film about Marseille, ‘Taxi’?
Which one? There are a lot of them. I really liked the latest part, with the new actors. If we talk about the classic ones, the coolest one is about the German gang.

Q: What film can you watch over and over again?
Date: 16 April 2021, 11:00
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