Domenico Tedesco: “Today we had neither aggression, nor emotion”
Domenico Tedesco: “Today we had neither aggression, nor emotion”
Here’s what our manager had to say about the loss to Ufa in his press conference:

“I apologise to all of our fans for the result. We played like children. There was no aggression or emotion. We tried all week, worked hard, maintained a high rhythm in training, conducted a lot of theoretical practice. For us, this game was like a final. But today we did nothing to achieve victory. I am very, very upset!”

Q: What was the plan in attack and why did Ufa create so many chances?
We are constantly working on how to react when the ball is lost, but we couldn’t play today with or without the ball. The fact that a few of our players were yellow carded in the opening minutes didn’t help.

I always protect my players but today I won’t do this, and I told them so in the locker room. There is no point talking about tactics, because today we had no base, no concentration, no hunger.

Q: What could have influenced the team’s attitude? Maybe the results of the opponents’ matches?
I don’t know, anything can affect it. Food, sleep, family mood, Lokomotiv’s victory, or a referee decision, but not today. We played well against Loko but today we were simply invisible. We made a massive number of innacurate passes and looked bad everywhere.

Q: Gigot will miss the derby with CSKA. Will he be penalized for getting sent off?
He will miss the derby and that’s enough punishment. In general, it seems to me that many of our players started thinking about the match against CSKA too early. This affected us today. Such a defeat is a strong blow. We made a mistake somewhere in the preparation, although we tried to do everything right.
Date: 18 April 2021, 22:30
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