Rui Vitoria: "I love how the players adapt to our requirements"
Rui Vitoria: "I love how the players adapt to our requirements"

After our victory over Sibenik, the manager summed up the results of our training camp in Austria in front of the press:

- "Today I liked how organised our game was. Of course, there were flaws in the defence, but overall everything was good. Despite the physical stress, the players showed good rhythm and dedication. I was pleased with the Austrian training camp.

At this stage of preparation, it is not entirely correct to look at the results of the matches too closely. More important here are the ideas that we are trying to instill in the team; it is through these that we strive to improve our game. How the players react to our demands is a key aspect of this.

Work will continue in Moscow. In the coming days, we will start integrating our national team players into the process. They have been in the team for a long time, but the speed at which they can adapt to new requirements is important. Those that worked with us at the first two training camps did this very well."

Date: 5 July 2021, 17:10
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