In the year of its centenary, Spartak shall be writing a new chapter in its long and successful history. As part of our 100th anniversary celebrations, we are updating our logo to emphasise the core values of our club. 

The key elements of the logo remain unchanged; the iconic red and white, as well as the 'C' remain prominent, reflecting their importance in the minds of our fans. 

Starting now, the logo will appear on all of our material, and it shall start appearing on our kit from the 2023/24 season. At the same time, a special 100th anniversary badge will be placed on our kit, and that will be announced in due course. 

The new emblem symbolises the renewal of the brand as a whole. This is reflected in our new slogan: "Spartak - everyone is important here."

The mission of Spartak is to inspire and enrich the lives of its fans with spectacular football; to give them a sense of belonging and freedom of expression.

Every day our club strives to be true to its values:

- to move forward and constantly strive for leadership both on the football field and in other areas of life;

- to play every game with full passion; remain together in times of victory and defeat

- maintain unity between the players, fans, and club employees who are constantly striving to improve in order to make the club better;

- to honor loyalty to traditions and be proud of their history

- to bear the responsibility of the strong, because being a true leader is not only the desire to win, but also the ability to lead.

Here's what Rustam Makhmutov , Spartak Commercial Director had to say about the logo:

"In over a hundred years of its history, Spartak has acquired unique features and traditions that distinguish it from other clubs. All these years, we have been striving for leadership and victories, completely devoting themselves to the game and keeping their bet on spectacular football. These principles have made Spartak a unique club that always brings vivid emotions and experiences. The goal of being the first always and in everything, without betraying oneself, could only be achieved in unity with the fans. Their passionate support has helped the team at all times.

The club welcomes its anniversary year with the same ambition to be a leader on the football field and in everything that surrounds our beloved team. Following modern trends, the club has updated the logo, rethinking all its elements, and created a unique font of its own."

Andrey Gorbunov , author of the project and art director of the sports design studio Quberten:

"When you work on such a legendary and powerful brand as Spartak, you constantly feel a huge responsibility. Millions of people will see the result, and for many of them everything that is connected with the club is important. It is doubly exciting to work on the eve of the century.

The rhombus appeared in the '30s and has remained the same since then, unless the strip changed its direction after the war. Based on archival photographs, we reconstructed the appearance of the logo for each Spartak year and for the first time saw in detail its evolution, the entire history of changes in the plasticity of the sign. The red diamond is truly sacred: concise and clear, it is one of the best sports symbols in our history.

Today, people consume information through smartphones, “live” in them, so it is critical that the emblem meets the requirements of the modern digital world: it works well on physical media and is readable even on the smallest screens, and is also technologically advanced and easy to manufacture. Aware of all these factors, the club asked for a refresh of the logo in line with sports design trends.

Each element of the logo has been rethought and brought to a single scale bar. Thanks to the global rules, the sign looks solid, with multiple rhymes and strong links between all its parts. The rhombus is built strictly geometrically with a modular angle of 30°, which is multiple supported in all elements of the emblem and style. The bevels of the letter 'C' are also subordinate to the corners of the rhombus, so there is not a single extra or random line in the sign. At the request of the club, the ball graphically 'dissolved' in the strip and now looks less accentuated than on the 1998 or 2013 variants.

Based on the new plasticity of the sign and the letter “C”, a special recognisable FCSM Antiqua font was designed, containing lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as a special FCSM Sans sans-serif typeface. This is a full-fledged and cool font that no other RPL club has.

Veronika Danilova , Director of Strategic Planning at Graphit, Publicis Group:

"If we talk about big Russian sports brands, then FC Spartak Moscow comes to mind. Even someone who has never been a football fan knows this name and can easily name the brand colors. Among my friends and colleagues there are many who simply become unavailable on the day of the Spartak match.

The opportunity to work with such a brand is always a great honor, challenge and pleasure.

This year the club will celebrate its centenary. The historical date does not mark the end of history, but a new milestone in development. To stay relevant and interesting to people, even the legendary and great brands must change.

When working on positioning, it was important to determine the right degree of change, to find a balance between rich traditions and a modern context. We conducted research among fans in Moscow and the regions, talked with employees and partners of the club.

We talked to people about the Spartak brand to understand what it means to them, why it matters and how they want it to be. People told us their stories of love and devotion, help and support, experiences and pain, loyalty and hope, feelings of brotherhood and freedom.

What united all the stories was that Spartak was the center of the emotions of these people. Without this community of a huge number of people, Spartak would not be the great brand that we know. Therefore, the positioning line could only be this: "Spartak is a world where everyone is important."

Date: 21 February 2022, 10:00
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