You can get to the stadium from two closest metro stations: Spartak (3-5 minute walk to the stadium) and Tushinskaya (7-10 minute walk to the stadium).

Spartak station works according to the usual schedule during the game days – both for entrance and for exit.

Private vehicles

Vehicle access to the stadium is allowed for seasonal ticket 2016/17 holders only. One-time tickets are valid on the match day only. Currently there is a limited number of parking places, so it is prohibited to park without the ticket.

Other public transport

There are a few bus stops near Tushinskaya metro station.

Buses: 2, 88, 210, 248, 266, 372, 400t, 409, 436, 450, 455, 460 m, 464, 467, 540, 541, 542, 549, 568, 575, 614, 631, 640, 741, 741k, 777, 904, 904k, 930, 961, 964.  

Minibuses: 117m, 151, 209, 326, 450m, 468m, 475m, 498, 541, 566, 575, 631m, 741, 856.


Tushino railway station is located next to Tushinskaya metro station. You can use this railway station to get to Kursky and Rizhsky stations and the following stations: Nakhabino, Dedovsk, Novoierusalimskaya, Rumyantsevo, Volokolamsk, Shakhovskaya, Depo, Tsaritsyno, Krasniy Stroitel, Shcherbinka, Podolsk, Lvovskaya, Stolbovaya, Chekhov, Serpukhov, Revyakino.

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