You can get to the stadium from two closest metro stations: Spartak (3-5 minute walk to the stadium) and Tushinskaya (7-10 minute walk to the stadium).

Spartak station works according to the usual schedule during the game days – both for entrance and for exit.

Private vehicles

Vehicle access to the stadium is allowed for seasonal ticket 2016/17 holders only. One-time tickets are valid on the match day only. Currently there is a limited number of parking places, so it is prohibited to park without the ticket.

Other public transport

There are a few bus stops near Tushinskaya metro station.

Buses: 2, 88, 210, 248, 266, 372, 400t, 409, 436, 450, 455, 460 m, 464, 467, 540, 541, 542, 549, 568, 575, 614, 631, 640, 741, 741k, 777, 904, 904k, 930, 961, 964.  

Minibuses: 117m, 151, 209, 326, 450m, 468m, 475m, 498, 541, 566, 575, 631m, 741, 856.


Tushino railway station is located next to Tushinskaya metro station. You can use this railway station to get to Kursky and Rizhsky stations and the following stations: Nakhabino, Dedovsk, Novoierusalimskaya, Rumyantsevo, Volokolamsk, Shakhovskaya, Depo, Tsaritsyno, Krasniy Stroitel, Shcherbinka, Podolsk, Lvovskaya, Stolbovaya, Chekhov, Serpukhov, Revyakino.

Access to the stadium via North, South and East entrances are opened for access. Disabled visitors access via left pavilion of the North entrance located on the left from the Gladiator monument. Fan club employees will give a ticket for you and for your accompanying person. You will be led to your seats from there.

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