Spartak Moscow regularly take part in various charity campaigns and also founded the charitable red-and-white foundations.

Spartak for Kids Foundation

The Foundation for assistance to science, education, culture and sports development "Spartak for Kids" is Spartak’s official charity fund. Its primary aim is helping children with different musculoskeletal problems, who are undergoing treatment in Philatov’s Children’s Hospital №13,  with their recovery.

With help from the foundation, we were able to hold different charity events, such as a kids’ press conference with the red-and-white players and also a visit to the Philatov’s hospital itself.

The foundation is also working on other projects, which are linked with charity events aimed at helping children in their recovery, promoting volunteers’ work and assisting donorship programs.

Veterans’ and Youth Support Charitable Foundation

The Foundation’s primary goal is raising money based on donations from people and organisations alike, which will then be used for different charity campaigns, helping out the Club’s veterans as well as our young sportsmen.

The Foundation’s executive body is the Council.

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