First Spartak Junior schools will open up in January

Spartak are launching a large-scale programme aimed at preparing young football players under the name of “Spartak Junior football school”. Our strategic partner for this project is Russia’s largest network of football schools “Junior”, which has branches in 234 cities across 20 different countries.

Spartak’s Academy will collaborate with “Junior” to devise a special training programme for young players, which will be implemented under the strict supervision from the Club’s management and Academy employees.

The Academy also provides additional education and training for school heads and for children's coaches involved in the project, followed by their assessment.

Management and quality control of these schools will be backed by advanced IT technology, which was recognized by the Technopark "Skolkovo" as unique and innovative. More than 400 football schools are successfully working using this platform, with about 45 thousand children involved. A user-friendly application for mobile devices has also been developed, allowing parents to sign up their children for education, monitor their schedule and training history, track their progress, provide feedback and communicate with schools.

Spartak Moscow, the first club in Russia to launch such a unique project, expects that, by 2023, after 5 years in operation, up to 450 schools will be opened in Russia and the CIS under the "Spartak" brand, with about 50 thousand children involved. Regional and national children's tournaments will be held regularly at Spartak Junior schools. All young players will be under constant supervision of the club and qualified coaches who work as a part of a developed scout network, whose aim it is to uncover talent for the "Spartak" Academy.

We are confident that the blend of experience, knowledge and technology leaders in their respective industries — football club "Spartak-Moscow" and football school "Junior" — will ensure the successful achievement of project goals and guarantee high quality services in every Russia and CIS region.

In January 2019, the first Spartak Junior schools will be opened across 9 cities. Managers and coaches of these schools have already successfully passed the necessary training and education at the club and in the Academy.

You can find out more on our partner’s website “Spartak Junior football school”.

Date: 28 December 2018, 17:27
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